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Disclaimer: This website was created by Haven Knight to show her web design & development skills. Honeybee Cocoa is a fictional company, and you cannot order any products


Honeybee Cocoa started up in 2014, as just a project dreamed up by grad students Casey Strosky and Ben Willspoon to see how people would feel about using an alternative rather than sugar. After launching our campaign, we started to notice people emailing us A LOT. People were reaching out to us from all over about buying some of our chocolate, and that's when we realized our project could turn into a viable business.

Fast forward to 5 years later, and we now have 3 different store locations across Pennsylvania, over 1000 acres of land just for all of our bees, and as of 2018 we now have our own cocoa beans being shipped to us from our own cocoa locations in West Africa! It started out small, but with the help of bee fans everywhere we have made it grow!

a picture of our hives at one of our locations


Our delicious products are only sold in our stores to ensure the product is freshly made every day. Come and visit us at

  • 760 Fittro Street, Pine Bluff, PA 13780
  • 2647 Providence Lane, Guilford, PA 11624
  • 1930 Upland Avenue, Cove City, PA 18523

To place an order or if you have any comments, questions or concerns, contact us.