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Reviews From Our Fans

See what some of our customers have to say about our popular treats

Sarah Gillard

Milk Cocoa Pretzels

5 out of 5

At-home mother/baker

I personally cannot get enough of these little chocolatey goodnesses. Not only are they great to snack on, but healthy at the same time. This is the ultimate kid-approved healthy snack!


Jamie Bunkins

Milk Cocoa Chips

4 out of 5

Restaurant owner

Eating these tasty treats is like an explosion of flavor on your taste buds. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys tasty chocolate.


Leann Schmitt

White Cocoa Chips

5 out of 5

Personal trainer

Great fix for a quick snack to bring on a long car ride, to the gym, or even on a bike ride. This is something my whole family can enjoy, knowing it's a healthier option than most products.


Oliver Randif

White Cocoa Strawberries

5 out of 5


It's not often I find myself ordering snacks online, but it seems like no amount is enough. I am addicted to the white-chocolate strawberries.


Jake Feilds

Color Cocoa Cake Pops

5 out of 5

Cake shop owner

I have eaten at many different places all around the world, and still nothing compares to Honeybee Cocoa's chocolates. I have tried every product they have. My favorite is the Color Cocoa Cake Pops.